Love Scottish Country Dancing? Want to have fun and get to know lovely, friendly dancers? Then Alba is definitely for you!

Alba is a group of young Scottish Country Dancers who meet monthly to dance in Glasgow. Our dancers come from a variety of different dance backgrounds: some from RSCDS classes and some from University Groups, but we all share one thing in common – a love for Scottish Country Dancing.

Alba meets once a month on a Friday night for various classes and social events. Each month includes a social class running from 6.30-9pm for adults with SCD experience, while a children’s class for ages 3-16 runs from 6-8pm weekly – for more information check out the kids page. After the classes we have a wee after party to relax, socialise and catch up!

We run a number of social events throughout the year including a winter ice skating trip and a summer barbeque. For the more competitive dancers, we also send a team to Newcastle Competitive Festival every year.

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